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Objection - Families today need two incomes so you're robbing your family if you stay home to home educate your kids.

Answer - A differentiation needs to be made between families' needs and families' wants. It is sometimes true that a family may need two incomes to meet their needs. In many cases, though, it is possible for one parent to stay home if the family is willing to give up some luxuries. Besides, is there really any comparison between the "need" for extra income and the need for a nurturing environment provided by a full-time stay at home mother? How much is that nurturing environment worth to a child?
However, even if both parents work, it is still possible to home school.

Objection - You need time for yourself. Mothers who homeschool their children won't have enough time to fulfill their own needs. It will drive the mother crazy to have the kids with her 24 hours a day and have no time to herself. If you are not happy with YOUR life because you are always sacrificing for the kids, your family won't be happy.

Answer - Home schooling does not take eight hours each day. Even during the home schooling time, there are times that the children will be working on their own. Some time for the parent to be alone can be available. But, again, even if it isn't easily available, good decisions sometimes mean sacrifice.
Also, home schooling is a family decision. It is not something that is just placed on one person's shoulders. If mom does most of the schooling and needs some time to herself then dad, other members of the family or friends can watch the younger children for a while.
Lastly, the emphasis on time for ME is a fairly recent phenomenon in American history. Previous generations were more willing to be self-sacrificing for the good of the family.

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