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Objection - This is a new idea. How do you know it will work?

Answer - Home schooling is not a new idea. It is how education was done in Biblical times. It is how many of the founding fathers of the United States were educated. Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison were home schooled. So we know it will work because it has been working for centuries. Government schools are the new idea. It is an experiment that is not proving to be very successful.

Objection - Your child won't be able to participate in high school athletics.

Answer - That may or may not be true, depending on the area where one lives. However, even if it is true, making right decisions often involves sacrifice. I would rather see my child get a quality education in a loving Christian atmosphere than have him play football. Additionally, what percentage of students really get to play high school sports? Only the best make the team. And only the best of those actually get to play. But there are many ways (little league, recreation leagues, etc.) to participate in sports without being on a high school team.

Objection - The shared government school experience is essential to our nation.

Answer - The nation was doing just fine before the "government school experience" began. Government schools did not start becoming common until well after the founding of the United States.

Objection - What if they *want* to go to government school?

Answer - Suppose children *want* to do cocaine? Does that mean they should be permitted to do so? Children are not allowed to make all of their own decisions for the simple reason that they are not mature enough to do so. They are often unable to assess all of the necessary information to make the right choices. That's what parents are for. It is their responsibility to make those decisions for their children.

Objection - Is that legal?

Answer - Home schooling is legal in every state of the United States and in many other countries. There are varying restrictions, depending on where one lives. Click here for summaries of the various state laws.

Objection - Government schools were good enough for us, so they should be good enough for our children (implied here was also, "They should be good enough for your children, too!").

Answer - Outhouses were good enough for earlier generations of my family but that doesn't mean I should get rid of my indoor plumbing. Also, the people teaching, the children going to school and the curricula in use are not the same as they used to be. Besides, I don't want what's "good enough" for my child. I want what is best for him.

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