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The following is a collection of some of the most common objections made to the concept of home education. Each is followed by a response. I do not claim credit for all that follows. My wife and many people from the HSTUAC home education e-mail discussion list gave very helpful input in both objections and answers. Feel free to pass this on to anyone that may benefit from it. Also, feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions for the improvement of this list.

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You will note that I do not use the words "public schools." The government schools are not public anymore. There is less and less parental involvement. That is in part because some parents have abdicated their responsibilities. However, it appears that the NEA, educational elitists and the government have worked together to keep parents from having much control over what goes on in the schools.

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Most objections to home schooling fall into a few broad categories. To make this compilation easier to use I have grouped the objections into the following categories: Some of the objections could likely fall into more than one category so be sure to check out all of the categories.

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