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Spring 2016


Week Lecture Topics Laboratory Topics Reading Reminders/Other
Week 1. January 20-22



Wednesday: Introduction to the course.

Friday: Class cancelled due to global climate change.

Thursday: Working with numbers and measurements in science


C&R: Chapter 1


Video. Conversions in the metric system. A simplistic review that you may find helpful. There will be a quiz question on this on Thursday.
Week 2.

January 25-29

Monday and Wednesday. The nature of biology as a science. (The otter lecture)

Friday. What is an animal? Taxonomy and systematics.  New York Times article discussion

Tuesday: Introduction to microscopy

Thursday. Animal cells and tissues, part I. Web support material.

C&R: 495-497 and 529-531 Writing assignment #1 is due at 8 AM, Wednesday.

Writing assignment #2 is due at 8 AM Friday.

Week 3.

February 1-5

Monday. Taxonomy and systematics, continued.

Wednesday. Extremophiles.

Friday. The chemistry of life. Carbohydrates and lipids.

Tuesday: Animal cells and tissues, part II.

Thursday. Protista. Protista support material [Lytle Ch. 5]

C&R: Chapters 4 and 5. Review 2 and 3 as needed.  
Week 4

February 8-12

Monday. Proteins. New York Times article discussion.

Wednesday. Nucleic acids.

Friday. Cell division.

Sunday. Review session, 2 PM.

Tuesday. Conclusion of Protista.

Thursday. The radiate animals. [Lytle Chap. 7 and Campbell 648-651.] Phylum Cnidaria and Phylum Ctenophora.

Chapter 5.

Chapter12, as needed.

Week 5

Feb 15-19

Monday. Lecture exam I.

Wednesday. Meiosis and the generation of variation.

Friday. Introduction to inheritance.

Tuesday.  Radiate animals, continued.

Thursday.  Phylum Porifera click above for support material [Lytle Chap. 6, and Campbell p. 646-648.]

Chapter 13, as needed.

Chapter 14.

Week 6

Feb 22-26

Monday. Modern genetics.

Wednesday. No class, due to ASMSA science fair

Friday. Mistakes and mutations

Tuesday. Lab exam I.

Thursday. Animal morphology [Chap. 8] and Phylum Platyhelminthes [Chap. 9 Click for support material] in Lytle. Also  652-654 in Campbell and Reece.

Chapter 14  
Week 7.

Feb 29- Mar 4

Monday. Conclusion of Genetics. Introduction to evolution.

Wednesday. Darwin's work. Mayr's analysis.  Evidence for evolution.

Friday. Evidence, continued.  Discussion of chapter from Boilerplate Rhino.

Tuesday and Thursday. Pseudocoelomates. Click for support material. [Chapter 10]. Chapter 22.  
Week 8. Mar 7-11 Monday. Evidence, conclusion.

Wednesday and Friday. Selection, and the evolution of populations. 

Tuesday. Genetics exercise.

Thursday.  Phylum Mollusca [Lytle Chap. 11, and 656-659 in Campbell and Reece.] Practice questions. Please note: the automatic grading function no longer works.

Chapter 23.  
Week 9.

Mar 14-18

Monday. Lecture exam II.

Wednesday. Video on Cephalopods.

Friday. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Speciation

Tuesday. The Cell cycle.  [Lytle Ch. 3] Bring a calculator. Genetics exercise is due.

Thursday.  Phylum Annelida [Lytle Chap. 12, and 659-661 in Campbell and Reece.]

Chapter 23.  
Week 10. SPRING BREAK      
Week 11

Mar 21-25

Monday and Wednesday. Speciation. Mode and tempo of evolution.

Friday. Homeostasis of ions and water

Tuesday. Review session

Thursday. Lab exam II

Chapter 24.  
Week 12

Mar 28-April 1

Monday. Project-based learning. The nephron.

Wednesday. Groups 1,2,3,4,5.

Friday. Groups 6,7,8,9,10.

Phylum Arthropoda, [Lytle Ch. 13.] Subphylum Crustacea

Tuesday. Introduction, and crayfish external anatomy

Thursday. Crayfish internal anatomy, and diversity of the crustaceans

Chapter 44. Part 1.  
Week 13. Monday. Conclusion of homeostasis ions and water.

Wednesday and Friday Homeostasis, temperature

Tuesday. Class Insecta.

Thursday. Phylum Echinodermata.Lytle Chap. 14.

Chapter 44. Part 2.  
Week 14. Monday. Lecture exam III.

Wednesday. The importance of scale in biology.

Friday. Circulatory systems in animals.

Tuesday and Thursday. Complete Phylum Echinodermata, and start Phylum Chordata. Chapter 42.  
Week 15. Monday. Conclusion of circulatory systems.  Start gas exchange in animals. Tuesday and Thursday. Phylum Chordata. Chapter 42  


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