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Spring 2015


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Week 1. January 14-16



Wednesday: Introduction to course

Friday: The nature of biology as a science

No lab on Tuesday

Thursday: Working with numbers in science

New York Times subscription link. Cost: $5 for first 12 weeks. Visitors can read 10 articles per month.


C&R: Chapter 1
Week 2.

January 19-23

Monday. No Class. Assignment: Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech from 1963.

Wednesday. Conclusion of otter lecture. Research proposal is due. Metric system homework is due.

Friday. What is an animal?  Cave of magic assignment is due.

Tuesday. Introduction to microscopy.

Thursday. Animal cells and tissues.  Web support material.

Link to original otter article

Cave of magic, for the assignment due on Friday.

Reading: 495-497 and 529-531.
Week 3.

January 26-30

Monday. Taxonomy and systematics.

Wednesday: A deeper look: extremophiles.

Friday: Biologically important macromolecules. Introduction, carbohydrates and fats.

Tuesday: Conclusion of animal cells and tissues

Thursday. Protista [Lytle Ch. 5 or 6]

  Review Chapters 2 and 3 as needed.  Read Chapters 4 and 5.
Week 4. February 2-6 Monday. Other lipids. Proteins.

Wednesday. Nucleic acids.

Friday. The importance of scale in biology.

Tuesday. Protista, conclusion.

Thursday. The radiate animals. [Lytle Chap. 7 and Campbell 648-651.] Phylum Cnidaria and Phylum Ctenophora.

  Chapter 5
Week 5. February 9-13. Monday. Lecture Exam 1.

Wednesday. No class.  Research presentation in Little Rock.

Friday. The cell cycle. Mitosis and cytokinesis.

Tuesday. Conclusion of the radiate animals.  Note: Lab exam I is one week from today.

Thursday.  Phylum Porifera [Lytle Chap. 6, and Campbell p. 646-648.]

  Chapter 12.
Week 6. February 16-20 Monday. Class cancelled due to weather.

Wednesday.  Meiosis. Chapter 13.

Friday. Introduction to heredity.

Tuesday. Class cancelled due to weather.

Thursday. Lab exam I.

Mitosis video.

Meiosis video.

Chapter 13.

Chapter 14.

Week 7. February 23-27 Monday.  Review of protein and DNA synthesis.

Wednesday. University closed due to a light snowfall.

Friday. The dangers and importance of mutations.


Tuesday and Thursday. University closed due to what people in the South think is bad weather.   Chapter 15.
Week 8. March 2-6 Monday. Conclusion of Genetics.

Wednesday. Introduction to evolution.

Friday. Class cancelled, due to weather.  Note: Lecture exam #2 will be one week from today.

Tuesday.  Animal morphology [Chap. 8] and Phylum Platyhelminthes [Chap. 9] in Lytle. Also  652-654 in Campbell and Reece.

Thursday. Class cancelled due to weather.

  Chapter 22.
Week 9. March 9-13 Monday and Wednesday. Evidence for evolution.

Friday. Lecture exam II

Tuesday and Thursday. Pseudocoelomates [Chapter 10].  Dissecting kit and gloves needed this week, and all weeks in the future.   Chapter 22.
Week 10. March 16-20 Monday. The evolution of populations.

Wednesday.  2 videos on cephalopods.

Friday. Selection.

Tuesday.  Phylum Mollusca [Lytle Chap. 11, and 656-659 in Campbell and Reece.] Practice questions.   Chapter 23.
Week 12. March 30-April 3 Monday and Wednesday. Speciation.

Friday. Conclusion of evolution, and start of homeostasis.

Tuesday. Review for lab exam.

Thursday. Lab exam II.

  Chapter 24


Week 13. April 6-10 All week. Group work. Tuesday and Thursday.  Phylum Arthropoda,  Subphylum Crustacea: The Crayfish. [Lytle Ch. 13.]   Chapter 44
Week 14. April 13-17 Monday. Homeostasis, ions and water.


Friday. Exam III.

Tuesday. Phylum Arthropoda, continued. Uniramia Grasshopper, and arthropod diversity. Lytle Chap. 13.    
Week 15. April 20-24 Monday. Circulatory systems.

Wednesday. Conclusion of circulatory systems, start of gas exchange. 

Friday. Conclusion of gas exchange. Article discussion.

Tuesday and Thursday. Phylum Chordata. Chap. 15.   Chapter 42
Week 16. April 27-May 1 Monday and Wednesday.  Thermal homeostasis.

Friday. Article discussion. Course conclusion. Information on final.

Tuesday. Conclusion of Chordata, and review.

Thursday. Lab final.

  Chapter 44


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