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Spring 2017


Week Lecture Topics Laboratory Topics Reading Reminders/Other
Week 1. January 18-20




Wednesday: Introduction to course. 

Friday: Biology as a science. "The otter lecture."


Thursday: Working with numbers and measurements in science.


C&R: Chapter 1, especially the scientific method section


Video. Conversions in the metric system. A simplistic review that you may find helpful.
Week 2.

January 23-28

Monday. Conclusion of the otter lecture.

Wednesday. What is an animal? Introduction to taxonomy and systematics.

Tuesday: Introduction to microscopy.

Thursday. Cells and Tissues, part 1. Web support material.


Finish Chapter 1, and pages 495-497 and 529-531. Article discussion this Friday
Week 3

January 30-Feb 3

Monday. Video on Extremophiles

Wednesday. Macromolecules: Carbohydrates and lipids. Reading: Review Chapters 2 and 3 as needed.  Read Chapters 4 and 5.

Friday.  Macromolecules. Proteins

Tuesday. Conclusion of Cells and Tissues

Thursday. Protista. Protista [Lytle Ch. 5]

Reading: Review Chapters 2 and 3 as needed.  Read Chapters 4 and 5. Article discussion this Friday
Week 4.

Feb 6-10

Monday.  Note: Lecture exam 1 is one week from today! Nucleic acids.  Introduction to heredity.

Wednesday. Mendelian genetics

Friday. DNA synthesis

Tuesday.. Protista, conclusion

Thursday.  The radiate animals. [Lytle Chap. 7 and Campbell 648-651.] Phylum Cnidaria and Phylum Ctenophora.

Review Chapters 12 and 13 on your own, as needed.

Read chapter 14.

Book chapter discussion this Friday
Week 5

Feb 13-17

Monday. Lecture exam 1. Room opens at 7:30.

Wednesday. No class. Research presentations in Little Rock.

Friday. PCR, protein synthesis,

Tuesday. Cnidaria and Ctenophora, continued.

 Phylum Porifera [Lytle Chap. 6, and Campbell p. 646-648.]

Chapter 15. NYT article discussion this Friday
Week 6.  Feb 20-24 Monday. Chromosomal errors (polyploidy, aneuploidy, deletions, duplications and dislocations).

Wednesday. No class, due to ASMSA science fair judging.

Friday. Point mutations. Beneficial, detrimental and neutral mutations. Effects of inbreeding.

Tuesday. Lab exam I.

Thursday Animal morphology [Chap. 8] and Phylum Platyhelminthes [Chap. 9] in Lytle. Also  652-654 in Campbell and Reece.

Chapter 15 NYT article discussion this Friday
Week 7. Feb 27-Mar 3 Monday. Introduction to evolution. Darwin and his work. Mayr's analysis.

Wednesday and Friday. Evidence for evolution: fossil, comparative anatomy, chemical and observations in real time.

Tuesday and Thursday. Pseudocoelomates [Chapter 10]. Chapter 22. NYT article discussion this Friday
Week 8. March 6-10 Monday. Conclusion of evidence for evolution.

Wed. and Fri. Evolution of populations. Types of selection.

Tuesday:Genetics exercise

Thursday: Phylum Mollusca [Lytle Chap. 11, and 656-659 in Campbell and Reece.] Practice questions.

Chapter 23 NYT article discussion this Friday
Week 9. March 13-17 Monday. Sexual selection.

Wednesday.oEvolution in the absence of selection.  Review for exam.

Friday. Lecture exam II. Room opens at 7:30.

Tuesday. Cell division.

Thursday. Thursday.  Phylum Annelida [Lytle Chap. 12, and 659-661 in Campbell and Reece.] Note: practice questions will not be posted for this or future labs. You should be able to write and anticipate questions on your own by now.

Chapter 24.  
  SSpring Break      
Week 10. March 27-March 31 Monday. No class due to field station event.

Wednesday. Speciation. Species concepts and reproductive isolating mechanisms.

Friday. Types of speciation. Mode and tempo of evolution.

Tuesday and Thursday. Review for comprehensive lab exam #2. Chapter 25. Book chapter discussion this Friday.
Week 11. April 3-7. Monday and Wednesday. Homeostasis (thermal)

Friday. Homeostasis (ions and water)


Tuesday. Lab exam 2.

Thursday.  Phylum Arthropoda,  Subphylum Crustacea: The Crayfish. [Lytle Ch. 13.]

Chapter 44 Book chapter discussion this Friday.
Week 12

April 10-14

All week. Group work. Tuesday. Conclusion of Crustacea.

Thursday. Phylum Arthropoda, continued. Uniramia, grasshopper, and arthropod diversity. Lytle Chap. 13.

Week 13


Monday. Conclusion of homeostasis section.

Wednesday. The importance of scale in biology.

Tuesday. Echinodermata. Lytle Chap. 14.

Thursday. Phylum Chordata. Chap. 15.

  Book chapter discussion this Friday.
Week 14

April 24-28

Monday. No class, due to Council on Undergraduate Research event in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday. Lecture exam III.

Friday. Circulatory systems.

Tuesday and Thursday. Continue Phylum Chordata


Week 15.

May 1-5

Monday. Circulatory systems and gas exchange

Also Monday. Field station event. Leaving here at 3:30. Dinner at station.


Tuesday. Review

Thursday. Lab final



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