Henderson State University  - General Zoology Lecture and Lab

Spring 2018


Week Lecture Topics Laboratory Topics Reading Reminders/Other
Week 1. Jan 16-19




Tuesday and Wednesday. Snow days.

Friday: Biology as a science. "The otter lecture."

Lab will not meet on Tuesday.

Thursday: Introduction to the course.


C&R: Chapter 1, especially the scientific method section


Week 2.

Jan 22-26

Monday. Discussion of your experimental design. Conclusion of the otter lecture.

Wednesday and Friday. Taxonomy and systematics. What is an animal?

Tuesday. Working with numbers and making measurements. Sampling and estimation in science.

Thursday. Care and use of the compound light microscope. You cannot miss this lab.

After lab, see the directions for microscope use on this website. https://www.microscope.com/education-center/how-to-guides/how-to-use-a-compound-microscope What do they get wrong?

C&R: pages 495-497 and 529-531 Video. Conversions in the metric system. A simplistic review that you may find helpful.


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Last updated   21 January 2018