Henderson State University  - General Zoology Lecture and Lab

Fall  2015


Week Lecture Laboratory Relevant Links Reading
Week 1. August 24-28


Monday: Introduction to the course.

Wednesday and Friday: The nature of biology as a science

Tuesday: Working with numbers and measurements in scienc3

Thursday: Introduction to microscopy



C&R: Chapter 1
Week 2.

August 31-4 September

Monday.  Taxonomy and Systematics.  What is an animal?

Wednesday. Extremophile video.

Friday. Conclusion of Taxonomy and Systematics

Tuesday and Thursday. Cells and Tissues, part 1. Web support material.   C&R: 495-497 and 529-531
Week 3.

September 7-11

Monday No class.  Happy labor day.

Wednesday and Friday. Macromolecules and the chemistry of life.  Carbohydrates and lipids.

Tuesday and Thursday. Protista. Web support material [Lytle Ch. 5]   C&R: Review Chapters 2 and 3 as needed.  Read Chapters 4 and 5.
Week 4.

September 14-18

Monday. Proteins and nucleic acids.

Wednesday. Cell division. Mitosis and cytokinesis.

Friday. Exam I.

Tuesday.  Phylum Porifera [Lytle Chap. 6, and Campbell p. 646-648.]

Thursday. The radiate animals. [Lytle Chap. 7 and Campbell 648-651.] Phylum Cnidaria and Phylum Ctenophora.

  C&R Chapter 12
Week 5. September 21-25 Monday and Wednesday.  Meiosis. Early notions of heredity.

Friday. Video "Saving the Eagles"

Tuesday. Conclusion of the radiate animals.

Thursday. The Cell cycle.  [Lytle Ch. 3] Bring a calculator.

  C&R Chapter 13


Week 6. September 28 - October 2 Monday.  Introduction to modern genetics.

Wednesday. DNA replication, PCR, and the the biotechnology age.

Friday. Protein synthesis. Mutations and errors: polyploidy and aneuploidy.

Tuesday. Lab exam I.

Thursday.  Animal morphology [Chap. 8] and Phylum Platyhelminthes [Chap. 9] in Lytle. Also  652-654 in Campbell and Reece.

  C&R Chapter 14

C&R Chapter 16

Week 7. October 5-9 Monday.  Deletion, duplication, point mutations, sex-linked traits, inbreeding.

Wednesday. Introduction to evolution.

Friday. Evidence for evolution.

Tuesday and Thursday. Pseudocoelomates [Chapter 10].   C&R Chapter 22
Week 8. October 12-16 Monday. Evidence for evolution, continued.

Wednesday. Cephalopoda. (Related to lab this week)

Friday. Fall break.

Note: Lecture exam II will be Monday, 19 October.

Tuesday. Phylum Mollusca [Lytle Chap. 11, and 656-659 in Campbell and Reece.] Practice questions.

Thursday. Fall break.

Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine - We have learned about this topic!

Nobel prize in chemistry - We have learned abou this topic!

Chapter 22, cont.
Week 9. October 19-23 Monday.  Lecture exam II.  Room opens at 7:30 AM.  Please bring a pencil.

Wednesday. No class.

Friday. Evolution of animal populations.

Tuesday.  Phylum Annelida [Lytle Chap. 12, and 659-661 in Campbell and Reece.] Lab exam is one week from today.

Thursday. Review day. 

  Chapter 23
Week 10.

October 26-30


Monday. Evolution of animal populations.

Wednesday. Types of selection. Hardy Weinberg equilibrium.

Friday. Sexual selection in animals.

Tuesday. Lab exam II.

Thursday. Working with our data. Bring a calculator.

  Chapter 24. First half.
Week 11.

November 2-6

Monday.  Evolution without selection.  Speciation: biological species concept and prezygotic RIMs.

Wednesday. Postzygotic RIMs. Anagenesis and cladogenesis. Allopatric and sympatric speciation. 

Friday. No class. (INBRE Conference in Fayetteville)

Tuesday.  Genetics. Handout due today or Wednesday.

Thursday. Animal Development.  Lytle Chap. 4.

  Chapter 24. Second half.
Week 12. November 9-13 Monday. Parapatric speciation.  Mode, tempo and speed of evolution.

Wednesday and Friday. Temperature homeostasis.

Tuesday and Thursday.  Phylum Onychophora and Phylum  Arthropoda,  Crustacea: The Crayfish and other crustaceans. [Lytle Ch. 13.]   Chap 44.


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