Henderson State University  - General Zoology Lecture and Lab

Spring 2015


Week Lecture Laboratory Relevant Links Reading
Week 1. January 14-16



Wednesday: Introduction to course

Friday: The nature of biology as a science

No lab on Tuesday

Thursday: Working with numbers in science

New York Times subscription link. Cost: $5 for first 12 weeks. Visitors can read 10 articles per month.


C&R: Chapter 1
Week 2.

January 19-23

Monday. No Class. Assignment: Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech from 1963.

Wednesday. Conclusion of otter lecture. Research proposal is due. Metric system homework is due.

Friday. What is an animal?  Cave of magic assignment is due.

Tuesday. Introduction to microscopy.

Thursday. Animal cells and tissues.  Web support material.

Link to original otter article

Cave of magic, for the assignment due on Friday.

Reading: 495-497 and 529-531.
Week 3.

January 26-30

Monday. Taxonomy and systematics.

Wednesday: A deeper look: extremophiles.

Friday: Biologically important macromolecules

Tuesday: Conclusion of animal cells and tissues

Thursday. Protista [Lytle Ch. 5]

  Review Chapters 2 and 3 as needed.  Read Chapters 4 and 5.


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