Henderson State University  - General Zoology Lecture and Lab

Fall 2016


Week Lecture Topics Laboratory Topics Reading Reminders/Other
Week 1. August 22-26



Monday: Introduction to the course.

Wednesday and Friday: Biology as a science. "The otter lecture."

Tuesday: No lab

Thursday. Working with numbers and measurements in science


C&R: Chapter 1, especially scientific method section


Video. Conversions in the metric system. A simplistic review that you may find helpful.
Week 2. August 29-Sep 2 Monday and Wednesday. What is an animal?  Taxonomy and systematics. Scientific method assignment is due Monday.

Friday. Extremophiles.

Tuesday. Introduction to microscopy.

Thursday. Animal cells and tissues.  Web support material.

Finish Chapter 1, and pages 495-497 and 529-531.  
Week 3. September 6-9 Monday. No class. Labor Day.

Wednesday and Friday. Biologically important macromolecules. Macromolecules: Carbohydrates.


Tuesday. Cells and tissues, part II.

Thursday. Protista [Lytle Ch. 5]

Review Chapters 2 and 3 as needed.  Read Chapters 4 and 5.  
Week 4. September 12-16 Monday. The cell cycle. Mitosis and cytokines Note: Lecture exam is one week from today.

Wednesday.  Meiosis.

Tuesday. Conclusion of protist lab.

 Phylum Porifera [Lytle Chap. 6, and Campbell p. 646-648.]

Review chapters 12 and 13, as needed. Friday: Article discussion. TBD
Week 5. September 19-23 Monday. Lecture exam #1. Room will open at 7:30.

Wednesday and Friday. Introduction to Heredity.

Tuesday. The radiate animals. [Lytle Chap. 7 and Campbell 648-651.] Phylum Cnidaria and Phylum Ctenophora.  Note: Lab exam 1 is one week from today.

Thursday. Conclusion of the radiate animals. Work with live material.

Chapter 14 Friday: article discussion
Week 6. September 26-30 Monday and Wednesday. Genetics and mutations.

Friday. Introduction to Evolutionary Thought.

Tuesday. Lab exam 1.

Thursday. Animal morphology [Chap. 8] and Phylum Platyhelminthes [Chap. 9] in Lytle. Also  652-654 in Campbell and Reece.

 Chapter 15.

Chapter 22.

Friday: article discussion
Week 7.

October 3-7

Monday and Wednesday. Evidence for evolution

Friday. Arkansas Environmental Federation

Tuesday. Genetics

Thursday. Arkansas Environmental Federation

Chapter 22  
Week 8

October 10-14

Monday and Wednesday. PCR. The evolution of populations.

Friday. Selection.

Note: Lecture exam #2 is Monday, October 17.

Tuesday and Thursday. Pseudocoelomates [Chapter 10]. Dissection kit is needed on Thursday. Chapter 23 Friday. Article discussion
Week 9

October 17-21

Monday. Lecture exam #2

Wednesday. Cephalopod video.

Friday. Speciation. Prezygotic RIMs.

Tuesday. Phylum Mollusca [Lytle Chap. 11, and 656-659 in Campbell and Reece.] Practice questions.

Thursday.  Phylum Annelida [Lytle Chap. 12, and 659-661 in Campbell and Reece.]

Chapter 24 Friday. Discussion of chapter from Boilerplate rhino. Spatula Theory
Week 10

October 24-28

Monday. Speciation continued.  Postzygotic RIMs.

Wednesday and Friday. Homeostasis: temperature

Tuesday. Open lab. Review for lab exam 2.

Thursday. Lab exam 2.

Chap 44 Friday. Discussion of chapter from Boilerplate rhino. Time and Motion Study
Week 11

October 31-November 4

Monday. Group work. the vertebrate nephron.

Wednesday. Groups 1,2,3 quizzed.

Tuesday. Cell division.

Thursday. Working with numbers.

Week 12

November 7-11

Monday. Groups 4,5,6 quizzed.

Wednesday. Homeostasis, ions and water.

Tuesday and Thursday.  Phylum Arthropoda,  Subphylum Crustacea: The Crayfish, and crustacean diversity. [Lytle Ch. 13.] Chap 44 Friday. Discussion of chapter from Boilerplate rhino. Gardening on Mars
Week 13

November 14-18

November 21-26 FALL BREAK      

November 28-Dec 2

Week 15

December 5-Dec 9


Week 16

December 12-17

Final Exams      


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