The conference is designed to bring together comics scholars, practitioners, critics, and historians who want to be involved in the dynamic process of evolving an aesthetic and a criticism of the comics art form.


The conference was founded in 1992 by Communication Professor Randy Duncan and American Studies graduate student Peter M. Coogan.  In order to facilitate the involvement of comic book professionals, the conference was held concurrent with either the Comic-Con International San Diego or the Chicago Comicon.  In 1998, the Comic Arts Conference became an official part of the Comic-Con International.

Trina Robbins

Scott McCloud

Two of the most frequent professional guests at the conference.

Comics professionals who have participated in the Comic Arts Conference include Will Eisner, Jay Lynch, Jessica Abel, Steve Bissette, Mark Waid, Michael William Kaluta, Donna Barr, Steve Englehart, Barbara Kesel, and Paul Levitz.


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