Affirmative Case assignment

Resolved:  That the United States federal government should adopt a policy of constructive engagement, including the removal of all or nearly all economic sanctions, with the government(s) of one or more of the following nation-states:  Cuba, Iraq, North Korea.

Write an affirmative case that affirms the resolution above.  The case should be long enough to fulfill all of the burdens of the Affirmative, but short enough to be read in 8 minutes. 

The affirmative case is worth a 100 points and will be graded on:

Before constructing the case, read the advice given in the Unit Four lecture, print out the case format to follow and read more about affirmative case theory at the sites linked below.

Case Format
Case Theory

You can mail your typed affirmative case to:
          HSU Box 7834
          Henderson State University
          Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001
Or you can type your case with Microsoft Word (or a compatible word processing program) and send it as an E-mail attachment.