Tenth Annual Comic Arts Conference

August 1 - 3, 2002

Convention Center

San Diego, California



“One For the Ages: The ‘Ages’ of Superhero Comics”      

 A. David Lewis, Georgetown University

Peter M. Coogan, Fontbonne College

Randy Duncan, Henderson State University


“Introduction to Visual Language”

Neil Cohn


“Eisner, Harvey, and McCloud Ten Years Later:  The Dialogue Continues”

Will Eisner (Graphic Storytelling)

Robert C. Harvey (The Art of the Comic Book)

Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics)


“Playing in the Dark Knight:  American Africanism and Imagining the American Superhero”
Aldo J. Regalado, University of Miami Department of History


The Phantom: Colonizing the Comics”

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, independent scholar and comics creator


“Invisible Woman: The Female Role and Feminist Revolution made Visible”

            Penny Shreve, Orange Coast College


“The Opposite of all Earthly Things: Bizarro, Tradition, and the Aesthetics

of Inversion”

Davin Heckman, Bowling Green State University


“Birds of a Feather: Superhero Fashion, Teenage Sidekicks, and the Transcendence of Class”

            Matthew Wolf-Meyer, Bowling Green State University


“Comic, Classrooms, and Conflict”

Jason Tondro, University of California, Riverside


“Engaging the Audience: Group Therapy or Platform for Ideology”

Anita K. McDaniel, Augusta State University


“Recent Russian Comics for the Nouveaux Riches”

            Jose Alaniz, University of California, Berkeley


“You can't read them, they're for boys!: British Girls, American Superhero Comics and Identity”

            Mel Gibson, University of Sunderland, UK


“Teaching Comics as Literature:  Obstacles and Opportunities”

            Charles Hatfield, California State University, Northridge

Ana Merino, Appalachian State University

Ernesto Priego, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Rocco Versaci, Palomar College

Will Eisner


“Watching the Watchmen: Reading Comics as Graphic Narrative”

Ernesto Priego, Philological Research Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico


“The Space of Dreams as a Poetics of the Subconscious: ‘The Extended Dream of Mr. D’”

            Ana Merino, Appalachian State University


“Of Droids and the Man I Sing: Luke Skywalker as the Modern Aeneas”
            Thomas F. Schilz, San Diego Miramar College