David Laubach


Bachelor of Music Education, Henderson State


Private Students 1978-1999
            Arkansas, Southern California, Colorado
Full Time Private Studio 2003-present
            Colorado Springs
Brass Ensemble Coaching 1983-present
            Band Rooms and Auditoriums all over the US
Trumpet and Full Brass Sectionals 2003-present
            Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado
Brass Coach-Littleton HS Band 2005-2006
            Littleton, Colorado


                                David Laubach solos with the Natural State Brass Band

Natural State Brass Band


United States Air Force Bands and Music Program 1980-2000
    523rd AF Band of the Golden West, March AFB CA 1980-1982
        Concert Band
        Marching Band
        Jazz Band(Lead Trumpet)
        Brass Quintet(Founding member)
    The United States Air Force Academy Band 1983-2000
        Academy Brass Quintet
        Falconaires Big Band
        Concert Band
        Marching Band
        Pep Band
        Rock Band
        Ceremonial Brass Quintet/Galaxy Brass(Founding member) 1991-2000

Mr. Don Kramer
    Mr. Hal Espinosa
    Mr. Bill Pfund
    Dr. James Buckner


David Laubach

Other Programs on Campus

Fall 2007 Faculty Showcase John Cheetham Concert Dialoge with Dr. Jim Buckner


Senior Recital, Spring, 1979

Georges Hue Solo de concert  
Franz Joseph Haydn Concerto in E-flat major  
Kent Kennan Sonata  
Paul Henneberg Triplets of the Finest with Phillip Heinemann and Tom Strait, cornets


Junior Recital, Spring, 1978

George Frederick Handel Concerto in g minor
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Concerto in E-flat major
George Frederick Handel Let the Bright Seraphim from "Sampson"


Performance Lab

Fall 1979 Hebert L. Clarke Cousins with Jack McElhannon, trombone


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