2003-2004 Brass Band Personnel

Soprano Cornet:  Josh Jackson
Solo Cornet:  Jason Webb, Kate Tidwell
2nd Cornet:  Jay Epperhart
3rd Cornet:   Adam Maisen, Brian Hughes
Repiano Cornet:  Klressa Barnes
Flugelhorn:  Juzeh Correia
Solo Horn:  Joe Fuller
1st Horn:  Robyn Radtke
2nd Horn:  April Whitworth, Buck Womack
1st Trombone:  Brandon Egner
2nd Trombone:  Mark Windham
Bass Trombone:  Chris Loyd, Nevada Mills
1st Baritone:  Lia McCauley
2nd Baritone:  Kevin Cole
Euphonium:  Wayne Ashley, Tyler Braxton
E-flat Tuba:  Chad Walther, Karen Norton
B-flat Tuba:  Adam McFarlin, Daniel Starkey
Percussion:  Patrick May, Katy Pearce, David Stuart

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